Step up and help us save the planet!

Want to help solve the most urgent challenges facing the humanity today? We are looking for the best and the brightest in the world to join our journey.


Why us?

We believe that our team is what allows Multus to reach its full potential change the world. Because of this, we are dedicated to building an environment that nurtures curiosity, ambition and personal growth.
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Flexible working hours

Not everyone is most productive from 9am to 6pm. Do you need quietness for an important project? Perhaps you are at your most creative in the evenings? At Multus, you can work in favourite way.

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Snacks and socials

We have coffee, tea and snacks in the office. We also have plenty of socials where everybody gets the chance to show off their baking skills (or not!).

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Personal development plan

We are dedicated to help everybody maximise their potential and fulfil their ambitions through a tailored personal development plan supported by senior management.

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Solve world's greatest challenges

Our technology can help solve humanity's problems ranging from animal farming to agricultural carbon emissions. We just need your help with getting it across the finish line.

Our company culture

We are a diverse team of innovators, techies, makers, go-getters and foodies.
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Our team works to realise the promise of cellular agriculture and improve the lives of millions of people and animals around the world.

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There’s no box for us to think out of in the first place. In a new industry, for new solutions we need to be always innovating

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A curious mind is behind every big innovation that moved humanity forward. Multus is the right place for you to follow yours!

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We are positive and enthusiastic team players always willing to take on new challenges. We solve problems together, driven by our desire to make a positive impact.

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Multus is inclusive and diverse. We encourage knowledge sharing and mutual support. We value open communication and constructive feedback, continuously improving the way we work together.

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Our company is an ambitious, scaling startup. We take risks and embrace innovation, moving fast to reflect the sense of urgency in our mission. No two weeks will ever be the same.

Current openings

Hear it from our team!

Moving from academia to industry was a big step, and I am glad I did! At Multus, I get to work on challenging research problems and innovate with highly talented people everyday. I am really excited about the future of the company and what we can achieve here.

Research Scientist - Subgroup Lead

“We have a fun team with strong familiar bonds between people which helps collaboration.”

Research Scientist

“The best thing about Multus is the work environment, it is fun and motivating to come in every day.”

Research Scientist

“Our tech is really exciting and the change we are working to create is inspiring.”

Research Scientist

“When I started, I was really impressed by the ambitions of the company and how passionate everybody is about the mission.”

Research Scientist

Our mission

Our goal is to make cultivated meat the affordable and sustainable choice, for everyone.

To help this rapidly growing sector scale, Multus is tackling the cost of key ingredients and developing new products under food-safe manufacturing standards.

Our technology provides a truly sustainable alternative to today’s global dependence on traditional animal farming.

Our vision

We see Multus and our products as the foundation of the growing cellular agriculture sector.

With time, our work will enable the affordable at-scale production of real animal products – including meat, dairy, leather and more – using cells instead of animals.

When adopted, our technology will help reduce the carbon emissions, biodiversity loss and animal suffering across the globe.

Our location

Multus is based at the Translation and Innovation Hub (I-Hub) of Imperial College London. This provides us with access to modern office spaces, laboratories and research facilities. Being based in the heart of London's scientific community in White City allows us to collaborate with others at the forefront of biotech innovation and push the boundaries to build a more sustainable food system.


Do you offer flexible work arrangements?
I believe I can add unique value to Multus, but don't see a job opening that matches my skillset. Do you accept open applications?
I'm highly motivated but don't fit all the job requirements. Should I still apply?
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