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The all-in-one growth media solution for the cellular agriculture industry. Advanced media formulations and ingredients designed for the food industry.

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  • ISO22000 certified
  • Supports cell adhesion and proliferation
  • Animal-free
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Proliferum® M

  • Serum-free, can fully replace FBS
  • For mammalian myoblasts, fibroblasts and adipocytes
  • Designed for scale
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Proliferum® LSR

  • Serum-free FBS replacement
  • Suitable for primary and immortalised cells
  • Delivers consistent & reproducible results
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Looking for a custom solution?

We offer custom formulation design and food-safe manufacturing, compliant with stringent ISO22000 Food Safety Management standards.

Our intelligent growth media formulation design platform, MediOp, enables optimization of multiple objectives using complex ingredients. The automated data analysis pipeline provides us with reliable insights on cell growth, density and health with high sampling frequency and throughput. We are now offering access to MediOp as a service, to develop bespoke formulations for our customers’ cells.

We are rapidly scaling production capacity with global production sites planned to serve North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. We offer contract manufacturing services for the food-safe production of growth media formulations and ingredients with capabilities in liquid and powder mixing, precision fermentation, liquid concentration and powderisation, and QA/QC documentation.

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Do your growth media contain FBS (fetal bovine serum)?
Are your products 'food-safe'?
What species are your proteins derived from?
How have you developed your serum-replacement formulations?
What scale do you produce at?
What data do you have for your products?
Can you develop a product specifically for our cells and bioprocess?
If you develop a media formulation for our cells, who owns the IP?
What scale of cell culture do you work with during optimization?
Can you manufacture a media formulation to our specifications?
Can you help us source ingredients from qualified suppliers?
Can we outsource our media procurement to you?
How else are you supporting the cellular agriculture industry?
Does your growth media only grow mammalian cells?
Why focus on the cellular agriculture industry?
Are you hiring?

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