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proliferum lsr growth medium by multus biotechnology

Proliferum® LSR

  • Serum-free FBS replacement
  • Suitable for primary and immortalised cells
  • Delivers consistent & reproducible results
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Proliferum® LSR is a serum-free 1:1 FBS replacement suitable for primary and immortalised cell proliferation. We have optimised its performance to work in a variety of environments including adherence cell culture, suspension culture, cell isolation, cryopreservation and recovery while maintaining cell proliferation and functionality over multiple passages.


Our rigorous quality control ensures consistent batch-to-batch performance. Risk of contamination from viruses and immunogens are avoided by design.

Currently this product is for R&D use only.

Performance profiles

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Technical specification

QC/QC Thresholds

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Storage and Handling

Upon arrival, store Solution 1 at +2-8°C and the incomplete Proliferum® M below -15°C.


Download specification sheetDownload Master Safety Data Sheet


Should I change the concentration Proliferum® LSR 10X if I use more/less than 10% FBS currently?

Yes - Proliferum® LSR 10X is designed to be be a 1:1 replacement for FBS. For example, if you are replacing 20% FBS, make sure to double the corresponding Proliferum® LSR volume.

Do I need to do adaptation when switching to Proliferum® LSR?

There is typically no need to undergo adaptation for most cell types. However if you experience some difficulty in growing your cells with Proliferum® LSR, we can recommend an adaptation protocol. Here you can access the full table of attachment proteins we have successfully tested.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship to most countries, however we have some limitations as a result of international shipping restrictions, so best to check with us about specific countries. We have distribution partners in the UK, USA, Middle East and China.

Can I use Proliferum® LSR for clinical research?
Proliferum® LSR is sold for Research Use Only. Please get in contact with us directly to discuss how we can support your clinical research.

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