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proliferum m growth medium by multus biotechnology

Proliferum® M

  • Serum-free, can fully replace FBS
  • For mammalian myoblasts, fibroblasts and adipocytes
  • Designed for scale
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Proliferum® M is a serum-free growth medium designed for mammalian cell proliferation. We have optimised its performance across different mammalian species’ fibroblasts, myoblasts and adipocytes.


Designed for large-scale industrial usage from the ground up with the production capacity in place.


Our rigorous quality control ensures maximum sterility and minimum endotoxin levels. Risk of contamination from viruses and immunogens are avoided by design.

Produced under ISO22000 food safe manufacturing standard. We are working towards establishing a complete safety profile for using this product in food production. Currently this product is for R&D use only.

Performance profiles

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Technical specification

QC/QC Thresholds

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Storage and Handling

Upon arrival, store Solution 1 at +2-8°C and the incomplete Proliferum® M below -15°C.


Download specification sheetDownload Master Safety Data Sheet


What's the difference between 10x and 50x concentrate?

They each result in the same final media, but you need to prepare them differently. For the 10x, dilute Proliferum® M 10x in basal media in 1:9 ratio (the Proliferum® M 10x amount is 10% of the final media). For the 50x, dilute Proliferum® M 50x in basal media in 1:49 ratio (the Proliferum® M 50x amount is 2% of the final media).

Should I always use 10% of Proliferum® M 10X and 2% of Proliferum® M 50X?

These concentrations are ideal for replacing 10% FBS. If you are replacing 20% FBS, make sure to multiply each required Proliferum M volumes by 2. Proliferum® M 10X should be a 1:1 replacement to FBS, and Proliferum® M 50X is exactly 5 times more concentrated than Proliferum® M 10X.

Do I need to do adaptation when switching to Proliferum® M?

There is typically no need to undergo adaptation for most cell types. However if you experience some difficulty in growing your cells with Proliferum® M, we can recommend an adaptation protocol. Here you can access the full table of attachment proteins.

What scaffolds does this product work well with?

Proliferum® M has demonstrated good performance on collagen, gelatin, geltrex, vitronectin and no coating.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship to most countries, however we have some limitations as a result of international shipping restrictions, so best to check with us about specific countries.

Are your products 'food safe'?

Multus' growth media formulations and ingredients are produced to certified ISO22000 food safety management standards. Some ingredients (such as growth factors) have not been used as a food ingredient historically, so their safety for human consumption requires separate regulatory approval in each jurisdiction. Multus is prepared to support your application process to demonstrate food-safety.

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