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Today Multus has launched our NEW product: Proliferum® LSR, a serum-free medium for the life sciences sector that allows researchers to move away from using conventional Foetal Bovine Serum (FBS) for cell growth to a more sustainable product that gives reproducible results. 

Alongside the launch of Proliferum® LSR, we have signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Appleton Woods to supply our Advanced Serum Free media range to the UK Life-Science Market.

Our partnership with Appleton Woods will make our advanced growth media formulations and ingredients available for life science researchers in the UK, fueling development in this dynamic sector.

Proliferum® LSR joins our product portfolio following the launch of Multus’ recombinant human protein, Vitronectin, which can be used as a surface coating to promote enhanced cell attachment and supports normal colony morphology for different cell types. 

According to the UK Government, the human Life Sciences sector is among the most valuable and strategically important in the UK economy. It is critical to the country's health, wealth, and resilience (UK Government, Life Sciences Vision, 2021). Our new product and distribution agreement will support this momentum to make the UK a life sciences trailblazer through our high performance, sustainable ingredient.

In the words of Multus CEO and Co-Founder, Cai Linton:

"We are thrilled to partner with Appleton Woods to bring our growth media solutions to the UK life science sector. Our companies share a commitment to sustainability, and we appreciate Appleton Woods' reputation for providing high-quality products that facilitate impactful research with great customer care. By joining forces with Appleton Woods, we are confident that we can provide researchers with even more effective tools to help them achieve their research goals. "

Dr Stewart Sale, Business Development and Product Manager at Appleton Woods, also said in this announcement: 

"This is a really exciting opportunity and great news for Appleton Woods to partner with Multus. With more and more researchers looking to move to animal and serum-free products, the growth media and ingredients that Multus produces are perfect to fill that current gap in the market. We look forward to working with the Multus team to make their products a household name in the UK".

Who are Appleton Woods?

Appleton Woods Limited is a dedicated technical team providing life sciences consumables, equipment, reagent products, and recycling solutions for laboratory waste needed at competitive prices with sustainability in mind. Appleton Woods has a growing number of high-quality 'Appleton' branded products and supplies equipment and consumables from over 60 manufacturers worldwide.

They have distribution partnerships with leading manufacturers, such as Corning, Sterilin and Zeiss, to fulfil their customers' laboratory supply needs.

Partnering with Multus will allow Appleton Woods to distribute our products UK-wide, supporting the acceleration of the country's cellular agriculture sector. 

Who are Multus? How are we tackling the challenges of the life sciences sector?

Multus is a team of scientists and engineers addressing the increasing complexity in cell biology by designing growth media formulations and ingredients that enable finer control over cell culture experiments. 

Our growth media formulations and ingredients are essential components of cultivated meat and enable the affordable at-scale production of real animal products, including meat, dairy, and more - using cells instead of animals. With this announcement, Multus is making available their advanced serum-free growth media formulations and ingredients to life science researchers.

To explore Proliferum® LSR, click here. 

Or click here to explore our full product range.

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